The ALIBI X Story

Our generation is being measured by the scales of justice.  When we become indifferent, we allow the scales to tip against us.

We all know that the system isn’t broken; it’s rigged. We have watched state murders go unpunished. We know young black men and women are funneled into the prison industrial complex. We know black men and women are victims of institutional and systematic racism. And more than that, we have seen societal indifference smother any hope for real change.

It’s time to tip the scales of justice back in our favor.

It’s time to change the conversation.

It’s time for us to tell our own stories.

It’s time for us to know who, what, and why we are.

It’s time… for us to produce our own Alibis.

Here at Alibi-X, we aim to help you share your own stories and produce new representations of blackness.

We are the leaders in a cultural war.

We are a generation choosing its identity.

We declare ourselves in opposition to the consensus, the status quo, and the system.

We use our bodies to produce and tell our Alibis. Your Alibis.

We help our generation understand who we were, appreciate who we are, and define who we are becoming.

We are re-defining blackness! Be yourself, unapologetically, no matter the tone of your skin.

ALIBI X: Change the conversation.  Define yourself.

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I didn’t realize the disconnect between class until I watched student athletes from privileged backgrounds and those from the lower class respond to the CAPA as they went after the NCAA injustices. I found similar disconnects between races, cultures, and religions and I now realize how much truth is hidden away. We are here to expose the truth. Open up your mind, and think for yourself.

Goal: Challenge what people know as facts, and show them understanding. Teach love.

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I was under the impression that I had received the highest form of education my entire life. Recently, I found out this is not true. Things such as Black Wallstreet and Mansa Musa, were forever forgotten from my history book.  I’m now beginning to re-teach myself EVERYTHING. Open up your mind, and think for yourself.

Goal: Build infrastructure, spread love.